Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

I cannot believe it has been two years since I walked down the aisle at Gabrella Manor and married Eric! Since then, we have both graduated from Auburn, moved to Homewood, started our careers, bought our first home, and now we are having a baby! Lots of life changing events in such a short time! I must say that I am truly blessed to have a hilarious, handsome, loving husband who is my very best friend, and I am counting down the days until he becomes an awesome daddy! Ok, I'll stop with the gushing now but all of the above is certainly true!
This weekend something triggered my body to "show the world" that I am pregnant! My belly just pooched out overnight; it actually freaked me out a bit! Since I have never been the smallest gal on the block, I have always been conscious of weight gain. When my face gets round, boobs get bigger, and I have to do a few sets of lunges and squats to stretch out my blue jeans (not for exercise, for stretching purposes only), I know that it is time to put down the Blue Bell and pick up the dumbbells! When my body is changing daily combined with the overwhelming exhaustion, it makes me feel absolutely helpless! I am doing the best I can to eat right and exercise, and hopefully after this first trimester ends I will have more energy! Despite the initial shock of a protruding tummy, I am ready for people to be able to tell that I am "with child" and not just "with fat rolls". I even took a huge step and bought some maternity jeans from Gap. For those of you ladies who have never been pregnant, you have yet to discover the best kept secret in denim: the belly band. I must admit, when I first put them on I felt weird, especially since I am not officially showing yet, but I had to make an economical decision to transition into pregnant jeans rather than continuing to lose circulation in my current jeans. Let me tell you, I could sleep in my new maternity jeans! So comfortable! I am almost eleven weeks now, and the days are ticking by a little faster now! I will try and update you all as much as possible! Thanks again for taking the time to read!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby Blog Debut!!!!!

After several requests from friends to start a blog, I have delved into the world of blogging with no idea of how this works, so I hope I am not too terribly boring! As most of you can guess, Eric and I are going to have a little bundle of joy in a few months! We found out September 1 that I was 6 weeks 5 days pregnant, and trust me, I was shocked. As most of my closest friends know, Eric would have popped out a baby on day 1 of our marriage while I could wait a few years before diving into parenthood. I would ask, "Why do we need a human baby when we have two precious canine babies that give us plenty of love?" I think I was more reluctant to take on such a huge responsibility while still juggling work, quality time with hubby, and enjoying time with family and friends. Regardless of my hesitation, I have never been happier. It is amazing the amount of love and protection you have for just a little bean in your belly, even when it is making you feel like absolute crap! I am now 10 weeks pregnant and THANK THE LORD have had no morning sickness thus far. The exhaustion and bloating is a bit overwhelming but I'll take those symptoms with gratitude that I am not nauseous/vomiting. We got to see the heartbeat last week, flickering at 182 beats per minute! It was such a relief to see that little tot thriving in my tummy; I wish ultrasound machines were available for purchase so that I could see it everyday!
I guess this blogging business is easier than I thought- I will try to keep this up as much as possible. Thank you for reading!!

***Please note: I have a strong adversion to the words "preggars" and "prego" and therefore will not be using them for the duration of this blog. Sorry.

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