Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Last week my mother, mother in law, and I went to my 2nd trimester ultrasound! I was super excited to get to see the baby move around and even more anxious to find out what color I should be buying my little baby! The ultrasound started and of course the tech turns the screen away from the psycho pregnant lady until she is done with all of her measurements for the doctor (I repeatedly asked if there was a heartbeat and she ignored me! I was about to get a little angry and begin hyperventilating!). Finally she turns the screen to me and I was overwhelmed with love for this little alien in my tummy. It is so weird how overcome with emotions you get when you watch your baby inside of you; it is hard to imagine that something so tiny can mean so much to you but when you experience this the emotions are intense! She pointed out the skull, arms and legs and I even caught the tech once as she said "There is her little hand above her head!" I had studied up on ultrasounds, and I knew what to look for as far as gender prediction goes: 3 little lines for a girl, and the obvious "mushroom" shape for a boy. All of a sudden I saw 2 little legs kick up on the screen and my eyes immediately began scanning for "the part". I saw it! Even after I heard the tech slip up and call my baby a "her", I knew that the protrusion between those precious little legs was unmistakable: a baby boy.

I will honestly admit that although I truly thought I was having a boy, I really wanted a baby girl first. The primary reason for this was because Eric's family has not had a girl born in several generations and I just want to have one girl in my house full of boys haha! I quickly became excited that I was staring at a healthy, beautiful boy, and could not wait to go shopping! I called Eric as soon as I hopped off of that exam table (poor thing had to work all week out of town) and he answered with, "We are having a Greer aren't we?" and I said "Nope, a little baby Graham Hayes." He was so sweet as he came home Friday with a bag from my favorite baby store, Giggles and Coos in Auburn. He had picked out a few PRECIOUS outfits, a "lovie" blankie, and some hilarious "Tee Tee Tee Pee's". You set them on the wee-wee so you don't get pee everywhere when you change their diapers. Since this was my biggest complaint with boys (and men as well! Hit the target already haha!) I thought his gift was perfect! Now that tiny closet will quickly be filled with the cutest outfits I can find!

I am so blessed right now. This Thanksgiving is going to be fantastic as we get to share our excitement about Graham Hayes with our family and friends. I am so thankful for everything that God has provided me, even when I did not expect it! I cannot wait for Graham to get here- this pregnancy is flying by!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Pink or Blue?!?!?

The date has been set! FINALLY, after 18 weeks, I get to see if Baby Corscadden is going to be sporting pink or blue! This Thursday at 11am I get to have my 2nd trimester ultrasound! Unfortunately Eric is out of town all week for a fire certification course and won't get to be there to see the "goods" haha, but my mother and his mother are coming to the ultrasound with me. I felt so terrible when I scheduled the ultrasound on a day Eric could not be there, but I asked him if he would rather wait until the next available appointment (which was 2 weeks after) and he quickly said "No way! I cannot wait!". I am so anxious, and I pray that the little baby isn't shy! And if you thought the week could not get any better, I must mention that Friday is also a very important day for me! New Moon comes out in theaters, and Lesley, Krystal, Sarah and I will all be there! We have had tickets for 2 months now, and we are fully prepared to use my pregnancy as a handicap in order to get good seats haha! Don't think for a second I won't outrun those teen twi-nerds, poking my belly out as far as I can to make people move! I am thankful that the movie comes out this weekend because I am re-reading the Twilight series for the 5th time to get in the proper mindset, and this seems to be keeping me occupied so that I am not counting down the minutes until Thursday morning! Ill be sure to update my blog on Thursday or Friday with the gender!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Canine Babies

Through all of the craziness and excitement of becoming new parents, I haven't really mentioned that I am actually already a proud mother of two children, Hank Randy and Paisley Jane. During my sophomore year at Auburn, Lesley and I took at trip to the Lee County Humane Society. It was there I fell in love with a little blonde mutt, then named "Arizona". Lesley and I told a little fib that I lived with her so that I was able to rescue the poor baby, and so motherhood began. Arizona was renamed Hank Randy after days of deliberation, and immediately became my partner in crime. Hank and I have been through everything together: eating bags of chocolate, extended potty training, break ups, roommate arguments, endless days at Keisel or Chewacla, hanging with our best friends, road trips, and many more memories. Hank is my first love, and if you have ever met Mr. Hanky, you know that he lives for one purpose only: to be with his mama. I am a huge animal lover, but I can say with confidence that Hank holds a special place in my heart and he knows it. In fact, when Eric came along, Hank was not exactly keen on another man being in my life (and he still struggles with this today). It was only natural for me to worry when I decided to get a great dane for Eric for his birthday. Once again, Lesley and I set out on a journey to a scary house in Birmingham to pick up my baby girl. We brought Jake for security (thank the Lord) and as we pulled up to the dark house with iron bars on the windows and no answer at the door, we wondered if we had made a mistake. Thankfully, we did not and brought home a 20 lb, 9 week old bundle of joy to suprise Eric. Paisley Jane loved her big brother Hank right from the start, and after a few weeks of pouting he realized that he was the big brother and would be the boss man and care taker of his little, giant sis. Paisley is beautiful, marbled with grey and black and now weighs 120 lbs. She actually believes that she is no bigger than a yorkie and loves to lay on top of me and nap.
Before I became pregnant, I always said that I had no idea how I could love anything more than the two babies I already have. I know that things change when you have a baby, and I must say that I am anxious about how Hank is going to handle the whole "new baby" thing ! It is crazy, but I have noticed that Paisley has become extremely protective of me lately. She has been great on walks by not dragging me down the street, and she even gets concerned when Hank tries to jump on my tummy! I am not worried about my gentle giant at all- great danes are known for being remarkably gentle around newborns and I feel that her temperament follows that exactly. I know Hank will be brave and become a great big brother again! It may take some coaxing on my part, but I have faith that he will understand that I still love him the same! I will wrap things up now, but I wanted you all to know a little about Baby Corscadden's big brother and sister! Have a great week!

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