Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Belly Pics!!!

I am 15 weeks today! Time is ticking by slowly as we will find out whether the baby is a boy or girl in the next few weeks. Thankfully, I am feeling so much more energetic, and although my headaches haven't disappeared, I am not as overwhelmed by the pain now! Everyone keeps asking whether I think the little tot is a boy or a girl, and I truly think that there is a little boy in there, however, I have always wanted a baby girl first! The lack of a female born into the Corscadden family in 3 generations hurts my chances a bit haha! Of course, I just want a healthy baby so either will be wonderful! Even though it is super early, I have been straining this week to feel the baby move. All of my pregnancy books say that around 15 weeks and afterwards you may start to feel "fluttering". Thus far, I haven't felt anything aside from a hungry growling belly! Unfortunately, I have a little extra padding on my tummy so I may not feel him/her for a few more weeks, but it doesn't hurt to try!
Ok, as promised, I am posting some weekly pics of my growing tummy! Although I am not exactly fond of sharing my flab with the world, I want you to see the growing baby! Here you go:
8 Weeks:

10 weeks:

11 Weeks:

12 weeks:

14.5 weeks:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

After much consideration and deliberation, Eric and I have named our baby! We have always thrown around names we would name our future children, but when the time actually comes to choose a name that will stay with our baby forever, the decision becomes difficult. Suprisingly, Eric and I really agreed on the names we both liked, so narrowing down the list was pretty simple. Here they are:

BOY- Graham Hayes Corscadden

GIRL- Greer Mackenzie Corscadden

We chose Graham Hayes because we love Graham (precious baby name and great adult name and it is Scottish) and Hayes is my mother's maiden name. A friend of mine, Lauren C., suggested Hayes and we thought it was super cool! We chose Greer Mackenzie because we love the unusual Scottish name Greer, and Mackenzie (another favorite of ours) goes well with Greer. I am 14 weeks tomorrow, and I am feeling great! I am definitely getting a bump, and I think I am really starting to show. It is funny how you perceive you own body, but I am beginning to notice my patients' eyes staring at my stomach so I am pretty sure I am getting bigger. My tummy is getting hard, so it is beginning to look less like a beer belly and more like a baby belly! Soon I will post the week by week pictures of my growing belly. At first I wasn't going to go public with these photos as they aren't exactly slenderizing, but I want to share my progress with those of you who care! Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Moving Right Along

WOW! I am 1/3 of the way through my pregnancy! The first trimester has flown by, and today I am breathing a sigh of relief. Yesterday Eric and I went for our 13 week Dr.'s appointment and got to hear the heartbeat. As soon as I saw the nurse turn the corner with that doppler in her hand, I was on my back with my belly out ready for some proof that our little tot was still safe and sound! Thank goodness we immediately heard the fast "whooshing" noise of a tiny heart hard at work! When I asked the nurse if the heart rate was good, she said "It sounds like a girl". Eric's face was priceless, haha! Even though we know that she was guessing, I loved hearing those words since there has not been a girl born into the Corscadden family in 3 generations! I proceeded to tell Dr. Ingram that I had been highly tempted to rent an at-home fetal doppler online, and she looked half amused/half afraid that I may act on this temptation, and then she would have a pregnant crazy lady coming in everyday freaking out because I cannot find the heart beat at home! I have this new sense of relief that I am sure will be interrupted with yet another worry, but for now I am at peace, and blessed that the tot is okay!

I have developed a new symptom, which may be the worst yet: SEVERE headaches. I am not talking about an "ouch my noggin hurts" kind of pain, I am talking about lights out, no talking or movement or I may seriously hurt you excrutiating pain. I am truly convinced that Tylenol is a sugar pill and nothing but a Placebo pill to make pregnant ladies think they are going to feel better. (For those of you not pregnant, Tylenol is the only OTC medication recommended for use by pregnant ladies for pain.) Thankfully, my doctor prescribed me Fioricet and I have relief. I have never been keen on relying on medication, but that little orange bottle is my new security blanket, and I won't leave home without it. I pray these headaches will go away soon!

I am also continuing to cope with the weight gain. Yesterday Dr. Ingram said my weight, OUT LOUD, in front of Eric! I have never disclosed the numerical aspects of my weight to my husband, but I guess pregnancy airs out all of your dirty laundry! When we got in the car and I was freaking out about it, he said, "It's ok babe, you can just lose it all as soon as you have the baby". Poor thing, he keeps having to reassure me that I am not disgusting in his eyes and that he still loves me. I should have enough self esteem to know that I am having a baby and you gain weight when you get pregnant, but I just need some reassurance as I feel about as far from sexy as you can be! Weight gain combined with mood swings equals psycho wife, so thank you dear husband for dealing with me!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Days Like This.....

Ahhh the joys of pregnancy! I have been experiencing a new symptom this week: erratic mood swings. This morning, I woke up Eric, FURIOUS that I had to drag myself out of the bed and go to work in the dreary rain while he got to sleep in. I even yelled at him for taking my weekly belly picture at a bad angle (I am nuts I know)! Huffing and puffing out the door, I call my mom to gripe about how exhausted I am and how life isn't fair, blah blah blah. Poor Eric, haha. It is not his fault that his job requires him to stay up for 24 hours, and then be off for 48 hours. On top of that, he has really been helping around the house while I have been stumbling around like a mummy for the past few weeks. Looking back on the situation, pregnancy has turned me into a psychotic, irrational, mummy and I am ready to wake up and become stable again! I am blessed to have a sweet husband who is putting up with my ridiculous and fragile state.

On an exciting note, I am 12 weeks pregnant today! Woo hoo! For those of you who have yet to google pregnancy and get the terrifying statistics that I have come across, 12 weeks marks the passage into a safer zone for baby. I work myself up and worry like crazy over every possible mishap that can occur, and I know I should let all rest in God's hands, but I do feel a bit of relief today! Thank goodness I am about to be in the 2nd trimester, but let the stretch marks begin!

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