Friday, January 29, 2010

Maximum Capacity

So yesterday could have possibly been the most exciting day of my pregnancy thus far: the 4D Ultrasound!!!! Of course I have been super excited for Graham to get here, but seeing that sweet little man inside my tummy made everything so real! Since walking out of that ultrasound room yesterday, Eric and I have said to eachother over 50 times "I just cannot wait until he gets here". He was absolutely so precious, so perfect that it makes tears well up in my eyes! He loves his hands and had them balled up at his mouth for the first 30 minutes of the ulltrasound. His little fingers are extremely long and skinny, and everyone has said he has my nose. I have a honker, so I am not sure if the distortion from the 4D was making his nose look a bit large or if he really has a Looney nose, but I personally see some of Eric's features in his face. My heart melted when he grinned at us, and luckily we got that shot on one of the many photos the tech gave us as well as the DVD! As you can imagine, I have stared at these pictures all day today! Something as amazing as seeing your little baby overshadows any negativity that pregnancy brings, EVEN stretchmarks! Yes, it is true, I hit my maximum capacity this past weekend. I noticed a small patch of purple striations underneath the left side of my belly, and I was just sick! I don't mind being fat, swollen, and hungry for a certain amount of time but I just did not want to be permanently scarred from this. God definitely brought things into perspective yesterday; it was as if He was saying "Quit whining, look who is patiently waiting to meet you. A few stretch marks are a small price to pay for this beautiful baby". So now I will stop complaining about my pregnancy "badge" or whatever they call it!

I also had my glucose screening yesterday, or at least I was supposed to have it done. After peeing in the cup first thing yesterday, I was bombarded by all of the lab ladies. They demanded to know what exactly I had eaten for breakfast. I innocently replied, "Lucky Charms". They were like, "oh my gosh that is awful". Well EX-CUUUSEE me, but if I am not mistaken, I am pregnant, and pregnant ladies like weird and tasty things. Why is this so awful? Apparently, Lucky Charms are loaded with sugar and not very good for a glucose screening because my sugar levels were at 2+ which is supposedly very bad. How was I to know? They even gave me a diabetic diet to follow, which my Dr. told me to ignore until I actually failed the glucose test. So say prayers that the repeat glucose screening comes back normal, and don't worry, I will NOT eat Lucky Charms for breakfast this time! Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Time is Flying!!!

Well it has been awhile since I have posted; I know I am slacking on my blog but things have really been busy! I am 27 weeks pregnant this week and about to begin my 3rd trimester! Graham is busy kicking as usual, and it feels as if he is getting stronger with each jab and kick. Eric and I love playing music and watching my stomach- he LOVES Kings of Leon! Seriously, you can actually see him kicking which is amazing! My symptoms haven't really changed- I still have awful heartburn and my swelling is out of control, but I feel fantastic for the most part! Still no sign of a stretch mark (knock on wood) but my belly does get itchy. I am counting down the days until our 4D Ultrasound which is scheduled for next Thursday! I also have to have my glucose screening test and my monthly prenatal checkup on that day, so it looks like I will be at the Dr's office all day but it is def. worth it!
This past weekend we went to Ikea in Atlanta with Eric's family and had a great time! We bought Graham's area rug, floor lamp and all of his shelf and drawer organizers for the nursery! I am getting very anxious to get the nursey finished- I feel like if I don't hurry, I won't get everything done before I get too big to function. I have ordered his glider and his crib and we are now just waiting for those to come in. I am having his mobile custom made by a lady from Etsy; she does adorable mobiles and is designing an owl/tree mobile to match his bedding. Mom and I are trying to order the crib bedding and as of now, it is still out of stock! I will drive to the Dwell Studio factory and manufacture my own bedding if I have to, but I WILL get the bedding I want! They surely don't want a crazy pregnant lady up at their factory! Although I am nervous about the bedding, I am so excited about my first shower coming up! Lesley picked out the cutest owl invitations for my Birmingham shower and I cannot wait to see everyone there!

Here are some pics of the stuff I have picked out for Baby Graham's nursery! Enjoy!

Mobile: (it will be the colors of my bedding rather than this: turquoise, brown, baby blue, green)



Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year, New Baby

I am so excited about 2010! I am certain that this year will bring some of the best memories of my life. I did not make a New Year's Resolution this year- I didn't need to. I don't have to worry about losing weight or stopping habits that are bad for me, and I love that! Now don't get me wrong, I have set plenty of career goals for this next year! I also have some deadlines for finishing the nursery and financially preparing for Graham. I am just completely at peace with the way things are going in my life right now, and I am thankful that my anxiety levels are low! I have several exciting things going on right now: my baby showers are being planned, our preparing for parenthood class is coming up, and my 4D ultrasound is this month! Graham continues to kick and squirm around everyday and I am LOVING it. Eric has felt him kick once, and so now every night before bed I have to drink a coke so Eric can try and feel his little man! I still haven't developed any stretch marks but I have noticed a suspiscious vein on my stomach that looks as if it could become one. My belly button is still flat, but getting tighter everyday, and my swelling has gotten terrible but I got a great report from the doctor. My blood pressure has consistently been right on target and my protein levels are fine so Dr. Ingram is no longer worried about the possibility of toxemia. She says that I am likely just a "sweller" and unfortunately will swell throughout the duration of my pregnancy. Aside from the nasty cankles that I have, as well as the fact that none of my shoes fit anymore, the swelling doesn't bother me as long as Graham is healthy. Dr. Ingram also double checked me over after my little fender bender last week. To make a long story short, I was on my way to work and was yielding after getting off of the interstate. I thought that the Z4 BMW convertible in front of me had already gone during an excessively long break between cars, so I glanced left, and then took off! DONK! I slammed into that poor little convertible. I was absolutely terrified! I have never been in an accident and up until that moment had a perfect driving record. The sound of the collision exagerated the whole situation so I was shocked that I did not damage my car at all, and only damaged the BMW. I knew I was physically fine; I did not hit my stomach and Graham was moving around like crazy in my tummy, as if to say "its ok mommy Im fine! Dont worry!" Eric says he was saying "You dumba$$! You could have hurt me! Pay attention!" hahaha. In any case, we are perfectly fine, and now I am on high alert when behind the wheel!

My best friend Lesley's pregnancy is moving along perfectly, and I am just waiting on that tiny little flat tummy of hers to poke out. This weekend, we went shopping and went in Gap Maternity. It was hilarious watching her put on that strap on belly and try on clothes with me. She even got some maternity jeans that had a full panel, and since she is now 9 weeks pregnant, she will be wearing them in no time!!! She is doing great and is having minimal symptoms: tired, frequent peeing at night, but no morning sickness thank goodness! I wanted to update everyone on how she is doing, but I am encouraging her to start her own blog so you can hear it first hand!!

I will post some more belly pics soon! Have a great week everyone!

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