Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Am Now Prepared.....

So this past weekend Eric and I spent our Saturday at St. Vincent's Hospital "Planning for Parenhood". This course basically covers head to toe all aspects of labor and newborn care. Aside from taking up my entire Saturday, I really enjoyed the class. I definitely learned alot about labor that raises my anxiety levels a bit (contractions, tearing, PAIN, to name a few) but I also feel more prepared to have a baby. It was hilarious when we took "potty breaks" and 24 VERY pregnant ladies were lined up to go potty haha. I feel like Eric got alot out of the class too- he is even more excited now! I think the meconium diaper freaked him out most, which was suprising because I assumed that the gruesome delivery videos would scare him! We got to tour the birth suites, which are really nice! Our teacher also taught us how to swaddle, bathe and diaper newborns, which Eric is still bragging about because his diaper skills were better than mine! I told him that he better remember this when he has to change poopie diapers in a few weeks. After the class, my mom and dad travelled down from Florence to bring us our glider that came in! We worked on the nursery for the rest of the weekend so basically everything is ready- we just need a crib and a baby! See pics below of the progress we made!

More exciting news: Lesley and Jake are having a baby girl! They got to have an ultrasound yesterday and they said that since Les is only 14 weeks along they weren't 100% certain, but that it looked very much little a little girl so that means Graham already has a wife lined up! I cannot wait to meet the little princess in a few months! Last night Lesley, Jake, Graham, and I went to see John Mayer. We got box seats through our work so it was super nice getting to relax and enjoy the show! I think Graham really liked the music because he would kick and move everytime a good song was played. He really seemed to jam out when Michael Franti played so I think he is going to be a little "rasta man" haha. I hope everyone has a great week! Happy Valentine's day- I will be spending it with my 3 babies as Eric has to work on Sunday!

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  1. ooooh! the chair and rug are my favorite parts so far~!


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