Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My little Riverdancer

Last night, I realized what my son's profession will be: a professional Riverdancer. Eric and I could not believe how wild Graham was acting! His legs/arms were going bonkers, and we both could see and feel them going to town. I have felt and seen Graham kick many times before, but to actually see a protrusion from my tummy in the shape of a foot is completely insane!!! Eric told me this morning that he felt Graham kicking him in the back all night long (my big ole belly must have been against him) and I did not sleep much at all because he was so active. I didn't mind though- it was fun laying there feeling him move all night. I am so excited because my first baby shower is this weekend!!! Yay!!! I will get to see many friends that have not seen me since I have been pregnant so I am super pumped. My family is coming down and bringing our crib which finally came in, Thank the Lord!!! Eric and my dad will be putting the crib together while my mom, my sister, and I are at the shower! I cannot wait to see the finished nursery- it will look complete once the crib is up. I feel like Graham has really dropped this past week. I have to go to the bathroom on the hour, and my stomach feels so heavy and low everytime I stand up. The swelling in my feet has improved so so much- I cut out most of the salt in my diet and it has done the trick! I caught a terrible cold this week, and have been struggling with a sore throat and major congestion so I had my Dr. call in some meds to get me feeling better before the weekend. I will let everyone know how our breastfeeding class and Dr's appt goes today- Wish us luck haha!! Here is my 31 week belly pic:

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