Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Down to the Wire!

I do apologize for not posting as often as I usually do but I have been very busy lately getting things ready for Graham's arrival. I have had baby showers and a bridal shower the past three weekends which have been SOOOO much fun! I have gotten to see great friends and family that I haven't seen in forever, and Graham loaded up on tons of goodies!! I have almost everything I need, and I am so grateful for everyone's generosity!! I will post some shower pics as soon as I get them all downloaded.

Last week, I went to the doctor for my 35 week checkup. My pregnant best friend Lesley went with me since Eric had to work. Dr Ingram did the Group B Strep Test, and I told her all of my symptoms that I have been having, like sporadic cramping and some pressure. She checked me as well and I am not dilated at all nor has he dropped down. I was happy to hear that he was still content and floating around, but at the same time disappointed that he hasn't really started getting serious about coming out! I am fine with him chilling out until April, but around week 38 I am going to be ready for him to be out! It is just amazing how God made the miracle of childbirth. We really have no control over this incredible time, and it is so neat how that precious little baby knows exactly how to make his exit. As frustrating as the waiting game gets, I am thankful to have a healthy pregnancy thus far, and all I truly want is a healthy happy newborn so I will be patient! I am having contractions pretty frequently now, but they are irregular and arent too intense. I have had some pretty bad swelling which is probably due to me being on my feet working, cleaning and travelling constantly. Heartburn has become a nightmare. I LOVE to eat, but I can take a couple of bites and my esophagus feels like it is on fire. Apparently when the baby drops, the heartburn eases up so I should know exactly when he decides to drop! I still have to pee every hour, and find myself in the bathroom several times a night. Eric is having a really hard time with my snoring haha! I never snored before I was pregnant so hopefully it will go away after delivery, but I just tell him he will have to endure this one symptom! The stretch marks have now migrated to the right side of my stomach as well, and although they could be worse, I try not to look at them. Graham is still very active and Eric and I can feel and see actual body parts moving across my tummy. His little feet have been right at my ribs for the past couple of weeks and as much as it sometimes hurts, I LOVE it! Other than those few issues( haha I know there are many) I am doing fabulous! My next Dr's appt is this Friday and I will let y'all know if there is any progress. My parents are coming in town on Friday as well, and my dad and Eric are going to make my yard look presentable for the family get-together at our house on Saturday. I cannot wait to visit with both of our families and show off Graham's precious nursery! I will post pics of my past showers and my belly soon! Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Can't wait to meet the little booger! Any day now!


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